Mas Ricart, a place with charm and culture

Mas Ricart is located in a rural setting, located in the village of Malla in the Plana de Vic.

The current villa dates back to 1866, although the original house was built in 1553. . It is located within a land lot of half a hectare and surrounded by a large nobility garden, which highlights the spectacular and unique facade of singular-modernist style, considered one of the most interesting artistic and monumental works made of terracotta.

We are committed to preserve the identity of the house, keeping all the essential elements of each period (carefully restoring much of the architecture, furniture, ceiling and wall paintings and the original flooring) and filling the house with selected pieces so as not to lose part of its history.

Regarding the architecture, the villa is built mainly with traditional materials such as stone, ceramics, wood and iron. Some interesting elements you could find there are the galleries; the iron cast fence and the staircase illuminated by a central lantern. The details of the facade are the result of an elaborate work carried on by professionals of the time, made of hundreds of terracotta pieces masterfully sculpted with perfect deep relief. It is considered an exceptional job of rich ornamentation, symbolism and traditional styles: Neoclassicism, Historicism, Naturalism and Realism along with mythological references, such as significant Baroque allegories.